Masjid Al-Salam

222 W Main St. Rock Hill, SC 29730

Masjid Al-Salam of ICSC Rock Hill - offers the following services:


Prayer Services

•  Masjid is open daily for Fajr and I'sha prayers - Fajr at 6:00 AM and I'sha at 9:30 PM.


Jumah (Friday) Prayer services

•  Jumah Khutbah (sermon) starts at 1:30PM.. Iqamah (call for prayer) is followed by Jumah prayer is held every Friday at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time, and is finished by 2:15PM.

  • Steps of Jumah Salat

    (Friday Prayer – Must be offered at the Masjid as a congregation)

    By - Imam Issam Musa


    Edited by - Dr. Mohammad Hossain


    1.  Upon entering the Masjid, you have to offer two rakaat Sunnah (optional) “prayer of greetings” by yourself.

    2.  After two rakaat of optional prayer, the Muazzin (one who calls for prayers) will make a call of Adhan (a ceremonial/formal call for prayer). An Adhan is the formal/ceremonial call for the start of the obligatory prayer.

  • 3.  The worshippers then wait for the Imam (the prayer leader) to step at the podium. The Imam is the one who leads the Fard Salah (obligatory prayers) and delivers the Khutba (sermon). After praising Allah, the Imam will deliver the Khutba. The Khutba is a sermon addressing a significant current event happening in the world or interpretation of the meanings of the verses of the Holy Quran; it must include the verses of the Holy Quran and Hadeeth (sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad – peace and blessing of Allah be upon him!). The Khutba must include a Duaa (supplications) from the Imam, and should conclude with “Ameen”, (a plea of acceptance to Allah!) from the worshippers.

    4.  Next the Muazzin will make another call for Salah called Iqama (similar to Adhan). Worshipper will line up in a straight line without any gap behind the Imam. The Imam will start the prayer with recitation of Surah “Al-Fatiha”, (First Chapter - The Opening of the Book!), followed up by another Surah (Chapter) from the Quran. He will then make rukuh (bowing), and the followers shall bow and softly pronounce “Allahu Akber” (Lord is the Greatest!), and quitely pronounce, “subhana rabi al-‘aadheem”, at least three times.

    5.  Next the Imam will make Sujuud (prostrate), sit up, and prostrate once again. While making  Sujuud, one must say “subhana rabia al-‘ala” (The Lord is the Highest) at least three times. This completes the first “rakaat” of prayer. The Imam will stand up and repeat the previous steps, and the worshippers will copy, and complete the second “rakaat”.

    6.  The last part of the Salah involves everyone sitting and quietly reciting the attahiatu (praising Allah), durud (sending blessings upon the Prophet), and supplications (for oneself).

    The Imam concludes the obligatory Jumah prayer by making salam (greetings) to the right and to the left, the worshippers copy the Imam, and the prayer is done.

Taking Shahada

• Please contact the Masjid administration on our Contact page


Family Nights

•  Every month we all gather for family "pot luck" style gatherings at the Masjid on the last Saturday of each month right after Maghrib salaat. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to come, while it is preferred to bring something, you are most welcome to come and do not let the lack of a food item stop you or your friends and family from joining us. It is the beginning of a great freindship and brotherhood/sisterhood in Islam and a great opportunity to know each other better.


Nikkah (Marriage)

•  Contact us for more information.


Janazah (Funeral)

•  Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Events

Schedule of Event During Ramadan


Community Iftar - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week at Sundown

Important: Please bring in a covered dish to share with at least 5 persons. See you there Insha-Allah.

All memebers of the Rock Hill Muslim community are cordially invited to attend!


Eesha Prayer - 10:10 PM Sharp!!!


Taraweh Prayer at 10:30PM - Right after the E'sha Prayer at 10:15 PM


Monthy Committee Meeting

No shceduled meeting Durng Ramadan!


Monthly Pot-luck Gathering - for the Rock Hill Muslim Community

No pot-luck dinner during Ramadan!



GPS address:

Masjid Al-Salam
222 West Main Street
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730